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10 Easy Ways To Promote Your Blog Or Website ?

10 easy ways to promote your blog or website ?
Creating a blog and promoting it is not a big thing but we need to promote our blogs at least in initial stages so that it can become popular as well as generate some traffic for us. A blog without traffic is nothing, we all generally create a blog to show others and share our views and therefore every blogger needs some audience that can see their creativity. Also same as bloggers website owners also want to promote their products or applications and for that they also need some audience. We all can promote our blogs easily because as internet is growing there are many free as well as paid platforms available where we can promote our blogs or websites. So today i am going to discuss about some platforms where you can promote your blogs or websites.

Social networking sites:

Today we all know the power of social media, social networking sites are the greatest source of traffic so always share your posts or products on social networking sites. This will generate you huge traffic and also help you to understand whether people likes your blog posts, products and applications or not.

Blogging Communities: 

If you are a blogger then you can promote your blog on blogging communities. Today there are various blogging communities available online, so its not a hard thing to find any popular blogging community. Blogging communities can provide you the best audience for your articles because there are various different kind of blogging communities such as communities on the basis of age groups, religion, country, sex etc. So keep looking for best communities that are suitable for your blog.

Forum Discussions:

Always participate in forum discussions. Personally i have seen many high traffic website or blog owners discussing on forums about their products and contents related to their blogs. So try to to join at least two or three forums and start discussing about your products or posts. Although most of top forums do not let their users to share their links but still you can share your links indirectly like h**p://www.bloggenes.com/ or bloggenes.com, so if anybody needs your help then they can use your link.

Comment on high traffic blogs:

You can also promote your blogs or websites by commenting on high traffic blogs but make sure to give a brief comment about their posts. Never say like nice post or interesting, always try to write few lines if you want to promote your blog or website otherwise they may not approve your comment.

One more thing always try to find Commentluv blogs because there you can easily submit your website or blog and they show your latest post too. Also you can leave your link after comments so you will get the two links. Always try to find high traffic blogs and keep monitoring their activities, when a blog publishes a new post try to become the first commentator that will help you in generating some more traffic for your blog or website.

Guest Posting:

Guest posting is another effective way to promote your blog or website. Always try to create an effective guest post and try to submit it on high traffic blogs. This will increase your online presence and get you some additional visitors for your blog or website. Guest posting also helps in building relationship with other bloggers and high traffic blog owners can also help you in suggesting some other ways to promote your blog. So guest posting is good for your personal improvement as well as for your blog or website.

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Create a slide:

Yes create an attractive slide about your blog or website and upload it on various slide sharing sites. One of the best slide sharing website i know is SlideShare, SlideShare gets huge traffic daily and it can also help you in getting some additional traffic for your blog or website.

Create a video:

Create an attractive video about your blog or website and upload it to YouTube. As we all know that YouTube is the largest video sharing site, so it can also generate huge traffic for your blog or website.

Social Bookmarking sites:

Social bookmarking sites like Delicious, Reddit can also drive huge traffic to your blog or website, so join some of these bookmarking sites and share your posts on these sites to drive traffic to your blog or website.

Now if you want to quickly promote your blog or website then you can use some paid methods too.

Advertising Networks:

Use advertising networks to promote your blog or website, advertising networks are best for website owners who want to sell their products and applications. There are many advertising networks available like Google, Facebook, Infolinks etc where you can promote your blog or website. They offer cheap rates for advertising your content, so you can use them for generating traffic. If you are paying for promoting your products then try to maximize your benefits by creating attractive banners with short descriptions that can attract visitors.

Purchase a specific space on high traffic blogs or website:

If you don't want to use any advertising networks then you can directly purchase a specific space on high traffic blogs or websites for advertising your blog or website. You can do this by directly contacting the website owners, i consider this way of advertising is best because in this type of advertising you can select a site of your choice.

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